Erectile Dysfunction Service

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is when a man struggles to keep, or get, an erection. it is usually caused by a lack of blood flow to the penis, which can be caused by physical or psychological reasons. It is belived that aroudn 50% of 40 to 70 year old males suffer, so there are medicial and lifestyle choices that may help you.

If you are living with ED, our private service may be able to help you. Our trained pharmacist can give you advice, as well as access to prescription only medicine with regular reviews. The pharmacist will quickly be able to tell if the treatments available are suitable for you.

During your consultation, the pharmacist will need to make a few checks, such as: 

  • measuring your blood pressure
  • measuring your cholesterol levels
  • taking your weight.

You may have to return for another consultation for further checks to be carried out.

There is no need to book an appointment, or to speak at the counter. Simply ask to speak with the pharmacist in our private consultation room.